A huge sculpture stands at the corner of Nørresøgade and Åboulevarden in Copenhagen. It is staring intently at Vestersøhus. For a good reason. Vestersøhus is an impressive and cool work from 1939 by the the architect Kai Fisker. A great tribute to the modern human life. Not a cold corbusierian modernism, but a Scandinavian ”Wohnmaschine”, which provides a warm setting for a modern life.
On the other side of the street the granite colossus is staring with his Mussolini-glance. It seems to fret over the prospect that the building across the street certainly does not fit quite well to its own aesthetic.
It stands homeless in time and space. Out of sync with modernity which is, whether we are whining or singing, the condition of our lives. Perhaps it hopes that the immense weight and colossal dimensions can drown its sad attempt to master the space. The sculpture looks with his stone eye at the modern house on the opposite side of the street. The modern house looks to the west across the lake.

August 2013